Natalie Patuzzo

Director and Theatre Maker


Natalie is a Theatre Maker and Director based in Manchester. She specialises in devised physical and comical theatre performance(ical)s, and has trained at Rose Bruford College, ALRA North, HAMU (Prague), and L'École Jacques Lecoq (Paris).

In 2018, Natalie formed Soft Pedal Collective with Rebecca Granger and Lilly Jordan. Their first show 'The Hoe-ly Trinity' won Best Theatre Play at Guildford Fringe 2019. Natalie has since gone on to create solo work and collaborate with other theatre companies and artists, including Blueleaf Theatre, Trygve Wakenshaw and Chronic Insanity.

Natalie is currently working as a digital marketer to build on her skills and support her directing career. However she is still interested in connecting and working with other North West creatives.