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Natalie Patuzzo

Performer. Director. Sausage Dog Enthusiast.

Natalie specialises in devised physical and comical theatre performance(ical)s.

With her company, Soft Pedal Collective, she created her first show, 'The Hoe-ly Trinity', a three-women-one-woman show. They had an amazing time performing at some incredible UK fringe festivals, and even won 'Best (Theatre) Play 2019' award at Guildford Fringe.

She currently lives in Nottingham and is about to begin touring her new show Noot Patoot, a comedy solo show about nostalgia and primary school discos. She also works with Stage Ahead, Newark as a dance coach, and Big Foot Arts Education as a drama facilitator. Natalie trained at Rose Bruford College London, HAMU Prague, and L'École Jacques Lecoq Paris.

Natalie is always looking for projects to collaborate on and workshop facilitation opportunities... so if you like her please do get in touch!

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